Which browsers and devices are schools using?

Every so often we look at all our data to see how schools use the site. This post if for data up to 2018. See also data for 2014, 2015 and 2019.

Taking into consideration how visitors access the site, what they use to access it, and then see how much has changed over the past couple of years.

Our sites have to be mobile-device and tablet friendly, as there is a high usage – which you might imagine. We’ve tried to make them more accessible for screen readers and phones. We pre-register all teachers and students, unless there are specific events which require teachers to register their students.

We can assume that the student visitors give a fair reflection of the general school IT facilities and system capabilities.

There is a steady rise in mobile devices, while both desktops and tablets plateau. This is as we’d expect, students would be more likely to use desktops in classrooms and public and other users would be more likely to use mobile devices to access the site. And as such there has been an increase in the usage of mobile browsers and apps.

Chrome has now overtaken IE and Firefox in terms of browser usage, (a lot more mobile and tablet devices now have their own web apps and browsers, with Safari going down slightly).

And finally either schools are catching on to having updated browsers or older versions have just ceased to work, but IE11 is the most popularly used version of Internet Explorer now.

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