Einsteinium Zone Report – November 2018

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The Einsteinium Zone was a general physics zone supported by the Science & Technology Facilities Council and featured six scientists:

  • Kathryn Harriss, from the University of Kent, investigates impacts between two objects at very high speed
  • Graeme Poole, zone winner, an astrophysicist studying meteorites to discover how the solar system began
  • Chris Davies uses data to fix problems and improve quality issues in the steel industry
  • Anne Green is a physics professor looking for dark matter as part of her research
  • Agnes Wojtusiak is a laser scientist at STFC who performs an array of different experiments and creates computer models
  • Adam McGuinness uses lasers to analyse the contents of the vesicles sent by cells to each other

This was a very busy zone, receiving over 25,000 views over the course of the activity. Students were interested in discussing physics topics such as space, matter and computing, but also wanted to get to know the scientists on a more personal level.

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