Fermium Zone Report – November 2018

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The Fermium Zone was a general science zone for primary schools, supported by Wellcome. It featured six scientists:

  • Sophie Morse is a PhD student researching how to deliver medicine to the brain using microbubbles
  • Simon Cork studies how our brains cause us to feel hungry or full
  • Obi Umegbolu is a data analyst skills development coach, helping learners progress in the industry and supporting data analysis projects
  • Kelly Rushton, the zone winner, researches mental health and how doctors, nurses and even animals can help patients with mental health issues
  • John Midgley works as a technical manager at the British Geological Survey aiming to understand how changing the underground changes the world around us
  • Jessica Leung is a quality technician at Kerry Ingredients and tests the flavours that go in our food and drink

This zone had fewer schools than other November zones, but students still engaged well in live chats. The final live chat, open to all schools, was particularly busy, with students telling the scientists they had joined the chat from home to find out who won.

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