Molecule Zone Report – March 2019

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The Molecule Zone was a themed zone for Scottish schools, supported by ScotCHEM and with chemists based at universities in Scotland.

  • Sylvia Soldatou works on marine organisms to discover new antibiotics at University of Aberdeen.
  • Sumit Konar creates new crystals and molecules and solves their structures at the University of Edinburgh.
  • Martin McCoustra, the winner of the zone, is an astrochemist at Heriot-Watt University who studies how chemistry controls the evolution of the universe.
  • Kate McGonagle at the University of Dundee creates molecules that can kill parasites.
  • Bryony Hockin, a PhD student at University of St Andrews, studies chemical reactions powered by sunlight.
  • Aryanne Finnie, a PhD student at the University of Strathclyde, makes gold nanoparticles for bacteria-finding sensors.
  • Andrew Jamieson, from the University of Glasgow, was due to take part in the zone but unfortunately had to withdraw from taking place before the start of the event.
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