Plants Zone Report – June 2019

Read the report: Plants Zone Report – June 2019 [PDF]

The Plants Zone was a themed zone for primary schools zone supported by Wellcome. It featured six scientists:

  • Shannah Gates is a PhD student growing root cultures to be used in medicinal compounds.
  • Richard Gammons is researching how to use plants as chemicals to make fuels.
  • Matthew Alkan is investigating whether driving cars is changing the smells of plants, affecting bees that use a plant’s scent to find and pollinate it.
  • John Paterson is trying to understand how pollinators, like bees and hoverflies, know when the seasons are changing and why this is important for flowers and crops.
  • Emma Markham works at the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council funding research which helps people and the planet.
  • Anna Gardner, the winning scientist, is a researcher of trees, studying how climate change might change oak leaves in the future.
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