Sleep Zone Report – November 2018

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The Sleep Zone was a themed zone supported by The Physiological Society and featured six scientists:

  • Yousef Alqurashi is a doctoral student researching sleep and treating patients with sleep problems
  • Rachel Sharman, the winner of this zone, is at the University of Oxford looking at sleep medicine interventions in adolescent sleep and digital therapy for insomnia
  • Petrina Lau, from MRC Harwell, researches sleep and how it relates to disease conditions
  • Michael Ambler is trying to understand why animals hibernate to see if it would be possible for humans
  • Jason Ellis is a professor of sleep science and is trying to understand what happens in a person’s brain when they are sleeping
  • Emma Gale is currently a postgraduate student in sleep medicine at the University of Oxford

Extra resources
In the Sleep Zone we asked scientists to answer an extra question – ‘What’s the most important thing about sleep?’ – on the interview section of their profiles. Featured on all student profiles was a list of ‘Tips for a good night’s sleep’ and a ‘What type of sleeper are you?’ quiz, where students could find out their sleep chronotype.

We also gave teachers a link to some extra teaching resources provided by Hayley Moulding, sleep researcher and PhD Student at the MRC Centre for Neuropsychiatric Genetics and Genomics, Cardiff University. These resources included a Sleep Diary, the above mentioned chronotype questionnaire, activities for younger students and links to NHS advice on sleep and tiredness.

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