Space Zone Report – June 2019

Read the report: Space Zone Report – June 2019 [PDF]

The Space Zone was a themed zone for primary schools supported by the Science & Technology Facilities Council and NCOP schools. It featured six scientists:

  • Nicolas Bonne studies galaxies and finds ways to allow people with sight problems to learn about space.
  • Laurence Datrier is researching ways to find out when neutron stars collide.
  • Emma Davies studies massive explosions from the Sun that can hit Earth.
  • Declan Jonckers organises the design and manufacture of Multi-Layer Insulations, a ‘space blanket’ which helps to keep a spacecraft’s temperature at the right level.
  • Bella Boulderstone, the winner in the Space Zone, tries to find the size of structures around supermassive black holes using dust as a space radar.
  • Ali Hussain develops instruments to generate light to interact with matter in space and show its properties.
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