Elements Zone Report – November 2019

Read the report: Elements Zone Report – November 2019 [PDF]

The Elements Zone was a themed zone supported by the Royal Society of Chemistry. It featured six scientists:

  • William Wiseman is a technical manager in industry who mixes zirconium with metal oxides to create ceramic materials used in places such as aeroplanes and oil rigs.
  • Thibaut Deviese is a chemist who uses the radioactivity of carbon isotopes to help archaeologists date objects.
  • Harry Wilkinson is a PhD student recreating iron and sulphur compounds usually found in the body with the aim of replacing unsustainable industrial processes.
  • Georgia Orton is a research scientist trying to make iron do the job of platinum in reactions using tiny cage structures called MOFs (metal organic frameworks).
  • Emily Sparkes is a PhD student who studies how well enzymes make and break bonds between silicon and oxygen.
  • Aimee Egglestone is an industry development chemist helping scientists to scale up their experimental reactions using carbon compounds to industrial levels.
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