Nihonium Zone Report – March 2020

Read the report: Nihonium Zone Report – March 2020 [PDF]

The Nihonium Zone was a themed zone supported by Wellcome. It featured six scientists:

  • Pan-ngum Wirichada predicts how disease spreads and how we may be able to stop or slow it down using mathematical models.
  • Natalia Brodaczewska sets up and analyses genetic tests looking for changes in the DNA of cancer patients.
  • Mick Schubert, the winner of this zone, is a science writer and editor, turning complicated science into ways everyone can understand.
  • Manjit Kaur is a Dermatologist at the University of Birmingham.
  • Filipe Richheimer is a PhD student measuring very small objects.
  • Bruce Saleeb-Mousa is a PhD student designing, making and testing tiny devices that can change the direction of the path of a light beam.
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