Nuclear Zone Report – November 2019

Read the report: Nuclear Zone Report – November 2019 [PDF]

The Nuclear Zone was a themed zone supported by the Science and Technology Facilities Council. It featured six scientists:

  • Mark Johnson, the winner of this zone, works at CERN on the ALPHA experiment, trapping individual atoms made out of antimatter.
  • Liam Gaffney studies radioactive or unstable isotopes at CERN, to help us understand how protons and neutrons bind together.
  • Laura Sinclair is a medical physicist specialising in nuclear medicine and diagnostic radiology.
  • Kasia Clarke is a PhD student whose group uses Diamond Light Source in studying new materials for nuclear reactors to allow them to produce energy in a safer, more reliable way.
  • Gina Parker works for a nuclear engineering company as a structural analyst making computer simulations of the cores of nuclear reactors.
  • Felix Warren is an apprentice on a scheme run by the UK Atomic Energy Authority and STFC, with an interest in fusion energy and communications.
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