The I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here project is getting better, to suit teachers

From January 2024, you can choose a theme for your class’s activity at any time during the year. This might mean: Genetics in October ✔ Radiation in February ✔ General Chemistry in British Science Week ✔. Whatever you want, whenever you want.

You can select a theme based on your current curriculum topic or from a broader range of scientific subject areas or special events. 

The core benefits of the activity haven’t changed. Every class can:

  • Learn about up to 30 relevant scientists through their profiles, including their CVs
  • Connect with researchers in 30-minute, text-based online Chats
  • Deepen their understanding and continue engaging with the scientists by sending follow-up questions
  • Decide which scientist deserves the £500 winner’s prize
  • Review their learning through a facilitated reflection

The I’m a Scientist project still meets six of the Gatsby Good Careers Guidance Benchmarks but the changes gives you more opportunities to meet Benchmark 4; Linking Careers with the Curriculum. 

The project still supports the Science Capital Teaching Approach giving all students the set of resources needed to raise their science capital

For us to send you relevant information about the themes that you will be interested in, update your details to let us know more about your preferences. 

🏫 Picking a theme

You’ll now be able to choose themes for the activity that best suit your curriculum teaching, when you like. Your KS3 class might take part with scientists linked to the theme of photosynthesis during the weeks that you are teaching photosynthesis. Or you might choose a Chemistry themed Chat to highlight different routes chemistry can take you during Chemistry Week.

Take a look at our list of themes ❯

🔎 The scientists

Instead of a Zone featuring up to 50 scientists, we will select up to 30 relevant scientists from our pool of hundreds. Scientists will be categorised by curriculum areas to help you find the best people for your students’ learning. Students will clearly see which scientists are linked to the theme of the activity they are participating in and view their profiles, the same as they did before.

📆 Booking a Chat

The booking form will remain similar. When you book your activity, you will choose the theme that you would like. This will then show you the availability of Chat dates and time for you to pick from. 

Some themes will allow you to still book with up to 24 hours notice. The changes we are making will also allow you to plan ahead and book up to 3 months in advance. 

Register to take part ❯

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