Utarid, Zuhrah & Bumi – Science Engagement Malaysian Style

IAS Malaysia LogoOur next I’m a Scientist Zone is going to be called the Utarid Zone. After Utarid will come Zuhrah and then Bumi.

These three zones are particularly exciting for me because they are a big endorsement of the appeal of our little science outreach event. To date we’ve run over a 100 zones in the UK, we’ve run the event in Ireland, our friends at bridge8 have run it five times in Australia, but Utarid, Zuhrah and Bumi are special because they are taking place in Malaysia, a country that doesn’t have an Anglo culture.

We’re teaming up with the Academy of Science Malaysia to provide them with the site and knowhow to run the event. It all kicks off on October 21st and there is still time for any Malaysian scientists working anywhere around the globe to apply to take part. If you might be interested just email ias@sciencebuzz.my

If you’re reading this thinking that your country’s scientists should be engaging schools in an innovative but proven online way then please do get in contact: shane@gallomanor.com

For those not fluent with Bahasa: Utarid is Mercury; Zuhrah is Venus and Bumi is Earth.

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