Science Outreach in Europe – Horizon2020 bid

One of the great things about I’m a Scientist as a science outreach event is its ability to bring together scientists and students from around the world. This March we had scientists from Barcelona, Paris and CERN in the same event as pupils from the UK’s most northerly school on the tip of Shetland. A place so remote that Oslo is closer than London. National boundaries are ignored. The event is currently running in Malaysia. After that Australia will be live. In the autumn a pilot will run in Kenya. In June a spin off event I’m a Geoscientist, Get me out of here! will bring together geoscientists from Oklahoma to Paris with schools from Peru, South Africa, Romania, Serbia, Poland and Bulgaria. It has long been an ambition of ours to do more with the event in Europe, but our timing was not great. The FP7 framework was coming … Continue reading

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Utarid, Zuhrah & Bumi – Science Engagement Malaysian Style

Our next I’m a Scientist Zone is going to be called the Utarid Zone. After Utarid will come Zuhrah and then Bumi. These three zones are particularly exciting for me because they are a big endorsement of the appeal of our little science outreach event. To date we’ve run over a 100 zones in the UK, we’ve run the event in Ireland, our friends at bridge8 have run it five times in Australia, but Utarid, Zuhrah and Bumi are special because they are taking place in Malaysia, a country that doesn’t have an Anglo culture. We’re teaming up with the Academy of Science Malaysia to provide them with the site and knowhow to run the event. It all kicks off on October 21st and there is still time for any Malaysian scientists working anywhere around the globe to apply to take part. If you might be interested just email … Continue reading

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Guten Tag, Bonjour, Hola Europe

I’m a Scientist is too good to keep to ourselves. We want to run it across Europe. We can’t do that on our own so we’re looking for others who want to join us in making it happen. Saskia Heijltjes is working with us to explore options, but we’d really like to help from any organisations across Europe who’d like to make the event happen in their country. There is more information about how we run IAS overseas here.

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Space Zone winner Paul Higgins on Science Calling!

Paul Higgins from Trinity College Dublin, won the Space Zone in I’m a Scientist, Ireland this November. He was interviewed by Maria Delaney for, scroll down to have a listen.. We put this up, not just because it’s awesome, but because Paul explains perfectly the purpose and point of I’m a Scientist; the importance of outreach, that it’s not just beneficial for students, but for scientists too.. And obviously, how much fun it all is. Congratulations Paul! “I’ve always has this fear of having to talk to primary school students as I think they’re going to tear me apart or ask hard questions I don’t know and they won’t like my answers or something, so I think this is a really good way to get scientists to realise that it’s actually not that scary and they actually are interested in science. If you’re excited they’ll be excited. So it’s … Continue reading

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