Molecule Zone Report March 2022

The Molecule Zone ran from 7 March to 1 April and was funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry and ScotCHEM.

The activity featured 36 scientists working across a broad range of fields.

Download the Zone Report (pdf) ❯


36 scientists created profiles in the Zone. See who took part ❯

The winner of the Zone was Mark Ridgill, who won £500 to deliver further engagement activities.


1,161 students from 30 schools logged into the Zone.

79% of active students were from priority schools: 66% from widening participation schools and 31% from underserved schools.

Live Chats

85 live Chats were requested and an additional 4 evening Chats were made available to all students.

55 live Chats took place. 52 were booked by teachers and 2 were evening Chats.

On average, 4 scientists attended each live Chat.

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