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Antimicrobial Zone Report – March 2020

Read the report: Antimicrobial Zone Report – March 2020 [PDF]

The Antimicrobial Zone was a themed zone supported by Wellcome and the Society for Applied Microbiology. It featured six scientists:

  • Lucy Kelly is a PhD student finding new ways to kill bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.
  • Greg Heikel, the winner of the Antimicrobial Zone, is a Trainee Clinical Scientist at the NHS, using blood test results to figure out what is making people feel ill.
  • Emma Hayhurst works in hospitals to try and work out how to stop the spread of dangerous bacteria through feces.
  • David Mark is a PhD student investigating new species of bacteria from soil.
  • Anthony De Souza is a Healthcare Scientist at Great Ormond Street Hospital, finding out what is causing infections by testing bodily fluids
  • Anna Stec is a Clinical Engineer at Lincoln County Hospital, finding ways pharmacists can help us fight microbials.
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