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The winner!

The results are in! Huge congratulations to the winner of I’m a Scientist, Get me out of Here! 2009: Gillian Hamilton! Gillian will use the £500 prize money to help communicate her research to the Alzheimer’s Research Trust conference in London. Gillian says: “It’s been really great to chat to so many folk about my work and to be able to give them information about what a real scientist actually does in the lab and how to get there too. I didn’t really plan to end up where I am but it’s all worked out. So I’m glad they were interested in my work and what I do!” Well done to Mark Roberts, who came in second place, and to all the scientists for their great work. And… biggest thanks of all to the students for working hard, asking questions, and chatting… The students are the stars! We couldn’t have … Continue reading

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